Segment Cropper duplicates row

I have a workflow in which the segment cropper is used twice. However in one case it works normal (Image without ROI), in the other case (cut out ROI) it duplicates the row. The latter image cropper comes after the Interactive Annotator, however if I change the order in which nodes are executed, change the Cropper with the Global Thresholder, the error is still produced by that instance of the Segment cropper.

I also tried to just put in a fresh instance of the Cropper from the menu, but this also results in the error.

I'm trying to attach the workflow as ZIP to this post, however not succesfull yet.

The file is 48 MB, so no luck here.

Edit: I managed to clean it up a little and get a minimal working example that produces the error. I attached this to the first post.

Hi Luuklag,

if you attach an Interactive Labeling Editor to your node you will see that there are actually tow labelings created instead of just one: Unknown and Segment:0. 

You can remove the duplicate Labeling either directly in the labeling Editor, or convert the Labeling to a BitType Image and back to a Labeling (like in the create Inverse labeling Meta Node). The second option is a bit of a hack but more robust as it does not require use input and will condense all labelings into one.

Thanks. I currently use a row filter and that also does the job.

Actually there is an option in the Interactive Annotator on the "Label Settings" tab, called "Add unique segment id as label". If you uncheck that option you won't need the row filter anymore.


Thanks for the tip.

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