"Select all" option for "Multiple Selection Widget" Node


I am currently using a lot the “Multiple Selection Widget” and have often the case that the number of possible choices is large (>10).
As it is likely that all (or most) possible choices need to be selected, it would be good to have an interactivity option for “select all” (similar to using the “Table View” Node).
It would be greate to have that in future versions of this node
(or is there already an alternative option to ingerate a “select all” option for the multiple selection widget?)



Hello Saskia,

that’s a good idea and I’ll create a ticket for it.
Although I guess you want to have a button for it, there is already an option to press ‘ctrl’ + ‘a’ on your keyboard to select all entries.

Best regards,


Hello Daniel,

thanks for the advice using ctrl +a. However, when using that in the component it marks the whole component content (including text, images and so on) and does not select all the possible choises. Similar when pressing ctrl +a in the interactive view of the “multiple selection widget”, it marks only the text, but does not select the boxes.
So I am looking forward to when the “select all option” is hopefully included in the selection widget.

Best Saskia

Hallo Saskia,

does it also mark the component content if you click ‘ctrl’ + ‘a’ once you have clicked inside the view (one entry of the list)? If so, which operating system are you on?