Select First as "aggregation method" on Database Pivot Node

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how can I add as Manual aggregation method "First" on Database Pivot node.

In the common Pivoting node is quite easy to select a lots of aggregation methods. You have:

  • First, Last, List, List(sorted), Maximum, Minimum, Missing value count, Mode, Set, Percent, Unique count.....

But in the case of the Database Pivot node the problem is that I have only these methods (see the image above):

Can someone clarify me this point?


This is probably because your datatabase doesn't support the FIRST function.

Is it possible? I'm using MySQL 5.6.23

Here you can find the list of aggregation functions supported by MySQL. FIRST is not among them.

Thank you thor,

So the only way to use the aggregation types that are not listed in MySQL functionalities is to set Database Connection Table Reader and Pivoting instead of Database Pivot Node?

Since I have noticed that as performance the Database nodes seem work quite faster for trasform and filter data when the data processed are in a database format with respect of a table format.