Selected Keras back end 'Keras (TensorFlow) is not available anymore

Hi, I am trying to run the 14_Deep_Learning_02_Keras Generate Mountain Names with KNIME 3.7.1 and have Tensorflow and Keras installed as required but I am getting the error:

WARN PythonKernel Using TensorFlow backend.
ERROR Keras Network Learner 2:397 Execute failed: Selected Keras back end ‘Keras (TensorFlow)’ is not available anymore. Please check your local installation.
Details: Deep learning Python back end installation tests failed for unknown reasons.
Further output: 2019-03-01 13:18:24.696673: F tensorflow/python/lib/core/] Check failed: PyBfloat16_Type.tp_base != nullptr

Has any one came across a fix for this issue?


Hi therushingstream,

Could be a problem with your installed TensorFlow version. We currently recommend TensorFlow v1.12 along Keras v2.2.4. Please make sure you followed the steps described in this installation guide.