Selecting blank cells from rule-based labeller

Hi, so I wanted to work out how to select blank cells from a table using an SQL rule engine which labels all rows with these empty cells. I want to label a separate column as ‘NO’ if all 4 columns meet the criteria of having blanks in all of them.

For example I have the code:
$result_name$ LIKE “?” AND $result_comments$ LIKE “?” AND $result_value$ LIKE “?” AND $result_code$ LIKE “?” => “NO”
I have also tried:
$result_name$ LIKE “” AND $result_comments$ LIKE “” AND $result_value$ LIKE “” AND $result_code$ LIKE “” => “NO”
However, neither of these do not seem to work. Does anybody know how I might be able to pick up these empty cells?

Hello @jmckenna23 and welcome to the KNIME Community

The correct syntax for these type of query would be as follow:

MISSING $result_names$ AND MISSING $result_comments$ AND MISSING $result_value$ AND MISSING $result_code$ => "NO"

and so on…



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