Selenium About opening a browser in full screen and opening multiple new tabs About

Hi; Philipp @qqilihq

Selenium Is it possible to open a browser in full screen? Some web pages display buttons in full screen state, so having full screen feature is an important issue for me.

Is it possible to open more than one new tab at the same time? is this feature present in the selenium nodes?

sample page image is attached.

Hi Umut,

the Window node allows you to switch to full screen:

Does this help?

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It was definitely the solution for full screen. Thank you

Hi there @umutcankurt,

can you in future place Selenium questions into proper category? it is not a problem to miss category especially if you are new or not sure but this one is pretty clear :wink:


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Ok :+1:
I didn’t choose it because I couldn’t find it before.

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