Selenium 'click' behaviour doesn't mimic manual click outcome

When using the Selenium ‘click’ node on buttons that generate a pop-up, I’m unable to achieve the same outcome as clicking the button manually. Whilst looking for possible answers I located the following page which replicates the issue:

The very simply workflow below navigates to the page, finds the ‘button’ element (found under the Heading ‘Basic button’) and clicks this but doesn’t generate the pop-up that could then potentially be handled by the Alert node.

Hello zovanti,

the Click actually works just fine in this case. However Selenium - or the ChromeDriver to be precise - will per default automatically dismiss alerts. If you play the workflow and watch the browser, you will probably notice that the dialog pops up for a few milliseconds (or maybe not, if your computer is faster than mine).

You can override this behaviour using the unhandledPromptBehavior capability. The next release will contain this as pre-defined capability snippet to do just that. If you set the property to ignore, the dialog will remain open and you can individually interact using the Alert node.

Afair Firefox will per default keep the dialog open (i.e. not auto-dismiss it). [update] Apologies, this is obviously not (no longer) the case - you’ll also need to set the unhandledPromptBehavior in Firefox as outlined in previous paragraph.



Thank you for highlighting this. Unfortunately, even with this capability added (refer to the screenshot below) I’m still not seeing the pop-up appear.




Thanks for getting back Michael - could you drop me a short email regarding this topic on ?

Thank you!