Selenium Current Url Help- 2.

Hello there; I solved the problem I shared in this link, but the 2nd issue I need to solve is this;

the pop-up opens as a single window and 50 lines are clicked one by one. I get the current popup url address, but they are all the last clicked url. so I can’t get 50 url addresses clicked separately.

I have tried a few methods but I need help with this. How can I solve it.



Could you please upload a minimal example workflow which shows your scenario?


@qqilihq Hi; Philipp sample workflow is attached. (Selenium).knwf (61.1 KB)


you’re currently passing all 50 links at once to the “Click” node. It will thus sequentially perform the clicks without waiting:

A “Chunk Loop” where you process each link step-by-step would be more appropriate here.

– Philipp

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Hi; Philipp @qqilihq

I tried it in a few different ways, but I couldn’t click it in order.

As if the data of the page cannot be found after the first click or I get it wrong.

Please send me a sample workflow.

Hi; @qqilihq @armingrudd

I need a solution to solve the two problems I am having on the same subject.

  1. to get the url addresses of the pages opened with the pop-up paw with every click
  2. To get the url address of the page opened in the new tab with each click and to close the opened new tab or to click the pages from the main page again.

I would be glad if you send me an example solution workflow.

KNIME_Cameroon_armp.cm_project(2).knwf (129.5 KB)

…+ ? :frowning:

Hi Umut,

above I recommended to use a different Loop node.

What does not work and why? Please describe exactly what you tried.

If you want me to have a look at the WF, please send a minimalized one where I can understand the issue at a single glance. Please remove everything else that is not related to the problem. Also please consider adding annotations.

– Philipp

PS: Pinging an open thread after a few hours will not give you a faster response, it just adds additional noise and is thus contraproductive. Please avoid this in future, at least when you @-address me. Thank you!

Hi; Philipp
My problem is 2, as I mentioned above.
Progress of the first opening paws in order (I tried to add the method you mentioned.) Maybe I did not know because I did not know, but it did not.

When I want to get the url with the 2nd detail link, I open the detail page in the new tab after clicking on the main page, but I cannot proceed for other pages.

— * You can run the workflows that I have added are quite short in both subjects and you can look at the wrong place or the missing part when you have time.

    • The purpose of the reminder (not just a behavior that is specific to you.) is a reminder to everyone in the forum that the answer is still being searched for, since there are many issues in the forum that have been resolved / unresolved in the past.

I think I found the multi-click error. but I don’t know how to fix it.
draft sample setting

There is a missing attempt at the current url address, this setting does not happen?

Unable to set

Hi; @qqilihq and @armingrudd

my current work flow is attached. is now able to click on each link (50 links on the main page) / not for the following reason.

problems; Clicking for the detail page on the main page opens the popup. (The popup window refreshes every time you click.)

In selenium I could not find the method of returning to the home page and clicking other links. trying to click in pop-up window. Naturally, the links fail because they are on the main page.

I tried to do it by closing the pop-up window, but I was not successful. Although the main page is open, it does not progress by taking the page information.

After clicking the first link on the main page, the pop-up window should be opened and all the links (50 pieces) on the ordinary homepage should be clicked on this track should not be closed to the pop-up paw because it proceeds over the single pop-up paw. After the page scans are completed, I should close and be able to go to the next homepage.

KNIME_project2(2).knwf (33.2 KB)

Hi @umutcankurt,

The loop should start on the Find Elements node, not the Click node. Please pay more attention to the given solutions.



Please search the forum before posting a new question, or at least double check the solution you’ve already got. And then don’t hesitate to ask any NEW questions.


Hi Armin
thanks I will review some more for the answer.


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