Selenium FindElements Nodes

Hi Everybody,

I’ m in trouble with my workflow to analyze search results form my webpage.

The WebDriverFactory with the Start WebDriver Node works fine > so the following page is open

Basically I want to search all the news articles in last year for particular topic, the word could be like “KNIME”. I want to get all the news articles on knime in last year and fetch the links for these news articles in result in a column.

Thank you so much for you help!


Hi Anurag,

please have a look at the example workflows here to get started:


PS: Could someone from the admins move this to the Selenium sub-forum, @christian.dietz?

Hi Phillip,

I tried to access these examples in Knime before contacting you and below is the error that i receive.

Also i see that these examples are in .knime extension.

Further my problem is that am not able to configure find elements node in knime. I tried come other sites as well other than google but got the same issue.

The pages that i tried accessing is :

and tried to find element for the search field.

Many thanks in advance…


I think I see the issue. Did you unzip the downloaded workflows? Instead please try the following: Rename the .zip extension to .knwf and import this file into KNIME.

(the .knwf extension was introduced after we created some of the examples. I’ll rename the .zip to .knwf to avoid confusion in the future, apologies)