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Hello everyone!
i wanna download some file from http site. But i face to a problem, when i tryed to choose the path where file is located through dropdown_menu_on_selection.
Let me describe some detail
see the picture/.

after authentication succeed first of all i “click” on button “Panel”. Drop_down_list now is open. Then move my mouse to “Panel number 1” herewith additional drop_down_list is opened and then i move my mouse to “Table1” direction and click again. In such way i select table what i need.
I not understand how handle my knime script. Without clicking i need to moving to the “Table1”.

First time my script worked correctly i just use "find elements’ with final destination (Table1) but further this script stopped working. In my mind it depend on mouse location in certain time.

I also trying to use “Send Keys” as sent Tab key, it work somehow but not what i need.
Could you advice some solution.


Hi @spa_rr_ow,

Why do you need to navigate to your desired option “without” clicking?!
Do the same steps in Selenium. Find the “panel” element → click, find “Table1” → click and then click on your desired table.

You may find this tutorial helpful.


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It doesn`t work. if i do like you describe me drop-down list is disappeared and do nothing. In normal way i can achive Table 1 only if i use mouse moving. Go to “Panel number 1” waiting split second to open drop-down sub list then move to Table1 and click. When i click the Panel i never see the Table1. May be this a reason.
Also if mouse pointer go outside the drop down list then drop down list is passed away.

Can you look for list items in page source?

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Hi @armingrudd unfortunately i can’t share this information. This is not public site related to my work. Panel has 14 item and sub panel for Panel number 1 has 4 item.

the error is “element not interactable”

If you want to simulate mouse hovers (without clicks), you can use the Actions API which is provided by Selenium within a Java Snippet node. I have built a simple example workflow which illustrates the principle here. You’ll just need to map it to your specific site.

The code for this is as simple as:

new Actions(c_WebDriver)

You can find the workflow on my NodePit Space:

Hope this helps!



Thank you Philipp. It`s greatful. Script is working well.

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