Selenium License "No name specified"

Has anyone seen this issue when entering their license? I’ve tried with both a trial and a paid license, both issues the same:


Note the “No name specified” text at bottom left of the license entry window.

Seems that the license key has line breaks, so I removed those, and the error switches to “Invalid License” in both cases. Vexing!

I’d say that you’re better of discussing license issues with @qqilihq directly through email. He is always quick to help out :wink:


I’ve emailed. Waiting :slight_smile:

Seems like I added the wrong download site :slight_smile: in my impatience. Fixing that back up to the current version made the license work. Thanks!


Great you figured it out yourself :slight_smile: As you noticed, the issue is caused by an old (in fact very old :wink: ) version of the nodes, which are not compatible to the new license key format.

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