Selenium / Navigate time out

Hi; Philipp @qqilihq
how can i solve the browser timeout problem on page switching. The web page is loaded in a different page.

Hi Umut,

not sure I can follow here. Could you please post an example workflow to help me understand?

– Philipp (Selenium).knwf (415.7 KB)



Hi; Philipp
Have you had the opportunity to deal with this topic?

Hi Umut,

  1. When I start running the WF, I get a SSL certificate error, b/c the site’s certificate is not valid. You can circumvent this with the “Ignore Certificate Errors” snippet in the WebDriver Factory. Note that this will bypass security measures and that you should not work with sensitive data this way.

  2. The timeout errors can be avoided by increasing the timeouts in the “Timeouts” tab in the Start WebDriver node.

Hope this helps!


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