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I hope all is going well :slight_smile:

I am trying to do some searches using this GMC website;

I use Chrome to navigate the page. Once it loads, I can use F12 on Chrome and be able to select the fields and get their names. In my case, I want to reach id = “gmcrefnumber” field. But I can’t see that in “Find Elements” node in Selenium.

This is what I am trying to do;

  • Open the website
  • Start the loop (I need to search multiple numbers)
  • Put GMC number in GMC reference number field
  • Search results
  • Get Results (Names, Status, Specialist Register entry date, etc)
  • Search again (There is a link on top left of the page to go back to search again)
  • End loop
  • Provide the results in a table format

Once I accomplish above, I am planing to create similar flow for name search this time.

Unfortunately; due to GDPR and company policy, I can’t provide any license numbers here but you may search some common names (James, Eric, etc) and get some license numbers from the website if you need it.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Nezir,

mentioned <input> element is within a <frame>, so you’ll explicitly need to switch to that frame. As this is a common question and I’m feeling lazy currently, I just link to an existing thread which gives the details:

Let me know if that helps.

– Philipp


hi Philipp,

Thanks for the quick response.
It worked once, but now it creates empty tables each time.

Web Driver Factory > Start Webdriver (GMC website) > Find Elements (Xpath: /html/frameset/frame[2]) > Frame (WebElement, selected XPath from Previous node) > Find Elements (ID: gmcrefnumber) > Send Keys > Submit

Now, 2nd Find Elements started creating empty table; meaning it can not find the field I assume. I am trying a couple of things to solve that.

I’ve followed the solutions that you offered on the other page. Maybe I couldn’t pinned the field names correctly.


Maybe simple as that: Afterwards, you’ll need another “Frame” node if you want to access elements which are in the outer frame :slight_smile:

If that does not help, feel free to post an example workflow and I’ll have a look!

I really can’t figure out.
It seems as you suggested; there are more frames.
class=“tablebody” has the fields that I need. But when I put that into Find Elements, it gets me an empty table.

GMC_Test.knwf (23.1 KB)

I think one of either “Find Elements” queries was wrong (didn’t have time for a thorough check, so I’m just giving the solution … which is probably not good didactics, bear with me :innocent: ). I configured them as follows:

  1. //frame[@name='_sweclient']
  2. //frame[@name='_sweview']

(instead of the auto-generated selectors I looked at the DOM structure and used the name attribute as selector). This seems to work for me. Here’s the flow:


Thanks Philipp.
Submit node didn’t work. So I put another Find Elements and find the button this time and then used Click. Now I am able to get the results.
Thanks for the help.

:beer: Cheers!



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