Selenium Nodes: Extraction of texts and URLs not possible

Hi there, 

most likely I am too stupid to extract links and texts of the "Winning Works" from this page:

I am using the Selenium nodes. 

In Chrme dev mode I am able to find the div id="list-of-works", but when I try to find the element with the Find elements node using id or the xpath I get an empty table. Am I missing something or is there a workaround to get the hyperlinks and link texts out? 

Many thinks and best regards for held and any suggestions. 

Best regards, Andy 

Hi Andy,

(1) I cannot find a div element with id "list-of-works" on the mentioned page? Probably your selector is wrong?

(2) When you load the page, you'll most likely notice, that the list is not shown right away, but that it appears with some milliseconds delay. When you run your workflow, the "Find Elements" node will probably get executed when the mentioned content is not available on the page yet. Simple solution: Activate the option "Explicit wait" in the "Find Elements" node (the value gets rounded to seconds, so make sure to set at least to 1,000 ms.)

(3) Attached you find a simple example.

Feel free to get back if you have further issues.

-- Philipp

Hi  Philipp, 

thanks for the workflow! I'm pretty impressed about the Selenium nodesI!!

It was late yesterday and I posted the wrong URL that didn't fit the selector but your suggestion (increasing the waiting time) did the trick!  :D 

Thanks a lot for helping me out!

Best, Andy 

Hi Andy,

great to hear! By the way, very nice use case for the Selenium Nodes!! :)

-- Philipp