selenium nodes workflow

Divar01.knwf (40.9 KB)

Hello dear coach @armingrudd
I had a problem running the following workflow, the cause of which is unknown to me. Help me please.


The workflow executed successfully. I didn’t encounter any errors. The only thing I changed was removing the second flow variable connection from the loop start node which doesn’t matter.

What’s the error message? And how often do you encounter this error?

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Hello again and thank you for your attention to my request.
When performing the loop in the seventh stage (ie when it reaches Tehran province) due to unknown reasons, the loop is automatically removed and must be re-executed manually from the click stage (marked in the image).
The error is displayed in the console as follows:

click eror.txt (349 Bytes)

The error means that the element you are passing to the Click node is not clickable. I just tried to run your workflow again and it seems that xpaths to reach some elements are different now. Try selecting the elements using CSS selector.