Selenium Popup Windows Current Url Help

Hello; Philipp @qqilihq
I’m having trouble with the selenium workflow to get the url address information of the window. Please help to fix the error.

The website url address from which I am trying to get data

Hey Umut,

(1) What the screenshot shows is not a “popup” in the “classical” sense - thus there’s no “window handle”. This would only be the case if a further browser window would open.

(2) Thus the Java Snippet code will not help. Instead please use the Find Elements and / or potentially, (if the page uses <frame> or <iframe>) Frame nodes to interact with the shown overlay.

Fingers crossed!



Thanks for the answer. This helped me

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I am sharing it as a complete example of how the problem has been solved so that others can see it.

Philipp guided me to find the right solution.

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