Selenium Start Webdriver Error

Hi; Philipp @qqilihq
Selenium Start Webdriver Error. how to fix error. The browser turns on and then immediately shuts down.
KNIME 3.7.2


Several options:

  1. Quick fix: Follow the instructions here (pick the latest “Latest stable release”)
  2. Alternative to avoid these issues: Use the bundled “Chromium” instead of “Chrome” (this is delivered with the nodes and guaranteed to be always compatible)
  3. Wait for the Se Nodes 4.0.2 next week, which will include an updated driver.

– Philipp



  1. I was working / using the method. Would it be okay to upgrade to KNIME 4.0?

Yes – Selenium Nodes 4.0 work with KNIME 3.4 … 4.x

And: Selenium Nodes 4.0.2 with updated Chrome Driver is on the Update Site now.


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