Self-paced Course: [L3-DA] Productionizing Data Apps

This forum thread is for questions related to the KNIME self-paced course [L3-DA] Productionizing Data Apps.

For example, if you need help with an exercise or have some feedback, please post it here!

You can access the course here. The link will direct you to the learning management system where you are required to log in.

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This is a really tough question that just appeared :slight_smile:

A tricky one indeed…
Thank you for reporting, it’s fixed now!


Awesome! Here’s another one for you… the part underlined in red needs revising.

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this stuff…!
This question is harder than the prior one.

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Thank you again @ajackson !

I’m struggling with L3-DA’s Part 5a - Performance Optimization

I uploaded the workflow (and the whole folder) here:

I attempted to ran the Solution (without altering it) and it failed:

I saw the 422 instructions, and tried to open the workflow in AP, making sure to open from the edu-hub.

I even tried renaming it … and I’m able to open what appears to be multiple temporary copies of the same workflow from the hub.

When I go to close one of these, for a split second this yellow banner pops up - I had to capture it on my cellphone since it shows when I hit the x to close, then disappears.

I can understand if my AP setup is messed up, but it’s also failing with the Solution on the edu-hub.

I was able to reproduce your error and have a hint about the cause.

The workflow you are calling with the Call Workflow Service inside the Parallel Chunk Loop contains, in turn, other Call Workflow Service nodes. The 422 error that you see comes from those nested Call Workflow Service nodes in the first callee. Thus, troubleshooting the callee workflow as well (as described in the red annotation) should solve the problem.

Can you please give it a try so we can confirm?
However, for the sake of simplicity, we might remove one layer of nested callees for this exercise in the future!

Thank you for your precious feedback! Have a nice weekend,

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Regarding part 1 exercise.
We are executing the workflow from knime hub.
Output is a pdf report.
Output location is “knime://knime.workflow/…/Data/report.pdf”
where can I find the output generated by this workflow?

Hi @ponrajs ,

knime://knime.workflow/…/Data/report.pdf is a relative path and in this case refers to the Data folder inside the Part1 folder. I suggest you to upload the entire Part1 folder (and not just the exercise workflow) since it also contains the data that you need to execute the workflow.


In that Data folder, your workflow will save the report.pdf file.

I hope that answers your question!

Part 5b
Step 1. Deployment and orchestration
Point 1 - Deploy the “Part 4 - Orchestration - Exercise” workflow group to KNIME Business Hub. Reset the workflows before upload.

The part 4 of the exercise is about testing: Exercise 01.Testing_Component_Calculate_Scores and Exercise 02.Generating_Unit_Test_Report.

Instead of Part 4 could it be Part 5b - Orchestration?
Which workflow do I have to upload?

Hi @Marta_Modena , you are right, it should be the folder Part 5b - Orchestration that should be uploaded to KNIME Business Hub.

Thank you for reporting!

I do not see option to download the workflow examples

@ShriatKNIME you can take a look here

I am trying to download the workflows from web, not AP. This is the image from the Course which walks through the steps to download the example workflows. I dont see the download option as shown in Step#3.

@ShriatKNIME maybe you can take a look here

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Can you double check and make sure you’re signed in? The cloud icon to download workflow groups won’t appear unless you are.

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You were right, I was not signed in to the Community portal. Thank you !

Its strange that I could download the individual workflows within this folder but not the whole folder itself.

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