Self-paced Course: [L3-DE] Productionizing Data Pipelines

This forum thread is for questions related to KNIME self-paced course [L3-DE] Productionizing Data Pipelines. For example, if you need help with an exercise or have some feedback, please post it here!

You can access the course here. The link will direct you to the learning management system where you are required to log in.

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Having difficulties using Space Connector node in Part 1 Exercise 3 Production Data Pipeline. Unable to connect the node Knime Data Hub. Node states “Mountpoint My-KNIME-Hub is not connected. You need to connect in the KNIME Explorer first.”

Issue Resolved. To sign into Knime Community Hub, select Home in the upper left of the Knime Application. Scroll down to bottom of page and Sign into Knime Community Hub.

In Part 1 Exercise 3 Production Data Pipeline, I’m unable to get the Call Worfklow Service in Step 2 to work. I’m getting the following error: “Error: org.knime.core.node.CanceledExecutionException: ProgressMonitor has been canceled.”

When I copy over the solution’s Call Worflow Service into my Knime, I get a version error "Error: org.knime.core.node.workflow.UnsupportedWorkflowVersionException: Unable to laod workflow, it was created with a future version of KNIME (5.3.0v202406210734). you are running 5.2.5v202405310911.