Self-paced Courses and Certification

This forum thread is for questions related to KNIME self-paced courses, KNIME certification, and working with the learning management system LearnUpon in general. For example, if you need help with an exercise or have some feedback, please post it here!

Self-paced courses, certification, and LearnUpon in a nutshell:

KNIME self-paced courses contain videos, workflow exercises, and quiz questions to learn about KNIME Software at different levels. The courses progress from basic and advanced proficiency with KNIME Analytics Platform (levels L1 and L2), to productionizing with KNIME Server (level L3) and finally to mastering specialized analytics skills like text processing (level L4). The self-paced courses let you learn at your own pace - trusting your own discipline - and eventually prove your knowledge with the certification at the corresponding level.

You can access the self-paced courses ( and certifications ( via their dedicated web pages, which will direct you to the learning management system.

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