Self-paced Courses and Certification

This forum thread is for questions related to KNIME self-paced courses, KNIME certification, and working with the learning management system LearnUpon in general. For example, if you need help with an exercise or have some feedback, please post it here!

Self-paced courses, certification, and LearnUpon in a nutshell:

KNIME self-paced courses contain videos, workflow exercises, and quiz questions to learn about KNIME Software at different levels. The courses progress from basic and advanced proficiency with KNIME Analytics Platform (levels L1 and L2), to productionizing with KNIME Server (level L3) and finally to mastering specialized analytics skills like text processing (level L4). The self-paced courses let you learn at your own pace - trusting your own discipline - and eventually prove your knowledge with the certification at the corresponding level.

You can access the self-paced courses ( and certifications ( via their dedicated web pages, which will direct you to the learning management system.


Hello, I have enrolled into the L1-DS Knime Analytics Platform for Data Scientists: Basics. In Section 3 it indicates how to download a workflow group from the self-paced courses repository. I cannot see where this repository is on Knime Hub. Could you please point me to where this repository is? Thank you.

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Hi @michael_t and welcome to the forum. You should be able to find the self-paced course workflows at the link below. Make sure you are signed into the Hub, and you should see a cloud icon that you can use to download the L1-DS package.


Thank you for that. That has worked.


While going through L1-DS Course, I downloaded few Workflows from hub and imported into my Local. But I could not execute it because data folder (with files CSV, sqlite etc) was missing. Could you please help me understand how to get data associated with these workflows. I could able to import Exercise and solution workflow group.

Hi @Kishor_Deokar, welcome to the forum.
The data needed in the workflows of our self-paced courses are stored in the “data” folder of the course workflow group, to be accessible both by exercise and solution workflows.

I would suggest downloading the entire L1-DS workflow group, so everything is in the right place.
Follow this link and download the workflow group L1-DS KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Scientists - Basics with a simple drag and drop.




At the final of the L2-DW course I received an email informing me that I had earned a free copy of KNIME Advanced Luck e-book, but when I try to use the code, I just see a message saying it has expired. Could you guys send me another code?

I’m very sorry to hear that. I’m currently on it, trying to find and fix the problem. I’ll respond to your email with a new code as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

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@ricardo_martins Your code is working again!


No problem, @Maarit. Many thanks for helping me!

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Good morning,

The page is empty.
There used to be the list of the self-paced courses teaching material, the slides as pdf for learners to download. Where are they now?
There are two links:
one to automatically forwarded to,
another to
But none of them display the slides list.
The course material is not available in the learning site

How can you access it now?

Dear @esperanca,

That page has been deprecated. We provide the latest course materials via the Educators Alliance page upon registration. Please create an account here and we will shortly get in touch with you.



Thank you for your answer @alinebessa,
I just did it.

Have a nice evening,

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