Send e-mail node - no communication with smtp server

Good Evening,
I’m realtively new to knime, trying to fight my way in :wink:

I am currently trying to send serial e-mails with the node “wait” in order to fix the time and “send e-mail”.
Unfortunatelly I get the following error from the “send e-mail” node:
Error while communicating with the smtp server:javax.mail.MessagingException:Could not connect to SMTP Host

I tried my gmail and my outlook account and activated the IMAP on each of them.

Could someone please help me? Thanks a lot!

Greetings from Germany

Hi @Veronika_Eder12 -

How is your Send Email node currently configured? I was able to send myself an email via my Gmail account just now using the following settings:


Hi Scott, thank you for your quick answer, it works now.
The problem was that my mail account classified kime as insecure - I deactivated that an now it works.

Have a nice day!

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