Send Email node dynamic attachments

It is possible to configure Send Email node to attache dynamically a varying number of files from a given location?

Hi there.

If my understanding of your request is correct, you can use next sequence of actions:

  1. read list of files in given location - List files node.
  2. pass output to Zip Files node. Archive it into one file that will be used as the attachment for email. In the configuration save Output file as a variable.
  3. send email with an attachment configured through the Flow Variables. In order to select attachment as a variable you have to specify any dummy attachment first in the Attachments tab of Configuration.


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Alex, thank you for your reply.
Yes, with zip it works perfectly.
My propose is to sent them as they are, not in zip format.
So if there are 5 files in the location, then to attache them separately.

Hi there @natashullea,

to my knowledge this is not possible.


Hi there @natashullea,

actually with new KNIME version new flow variable types will be introduced and then this will be possible :slight_smile:


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