Send email node error

Hello Experts,

When I use send email node I receive the following error.
My colleague use same SMTP host and Port and works fine for him but I always get the below error.

Please help!

Execute failed: Exception reading response, try adjusting the smtp timeout settings

Thank you

Hi @pavanprakash7,
Do you have the same proxy settings as your colleague? The node fails to establish a connection and this might be because your colleague has a proxy configured that allows access to your SMTP server and you do not. You can check under File → Preferences → General → Network Connections.
Kind regards,

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Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn,
I checked with my colleague and proxy configuration looks the same. :frowning:

To be 100% sure everything is the same in the Send Email node, could you share your workflow with your colleague and have them execute the workflow on their machine to check if it works? If that is the case, I think the issue is somewhere deeper in the network stack.
Kind regards,

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