Send email notification when workflow executed via post request

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I was successfully able to execute a KNIME server workflow via post request. However, I would like to send myself a notification on success/failure when the workflow is executed - similar to how you can send a success/failure email when executing a workflow directly from KNIME server - and was wondering if it is possible to do this when executing server workflows via post request.

Thanks in advance!

We offer two ways of executing a job via REST, these are described in detail here: The KNIME Server REST API | KNIME under the topic Single Step Execution and the following.

I expect that you tried the “Single Step Execution” where configuring additional options is not possible. You should try the “Multi Step Execution”. The first step (your shown request in the screenshot) will create a job without execution. The second step will execute the created job. Manipulating the body in between will give you additional configuration options.
Basic Example: create_job_and_execute – KNIME Community Hub
If you want to set specific options it could be very useful to configure a job within the normal Execute GUI with the options you want to use and inspect it afterwards via the jobs endpoint.
I would highly recommend to check the capabilities of the REST API via the Swagger UI you can access on the Webportal → ? → KNIME Server REST API → Open documentation.

In addition to the blog article above mentioned we have also a follow up one: Explore REST Capabilities for RESTful Workflows | KNIME


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Hi @MichaelRespondek,

Thank you so much for the suggestions!

While I was able to execute a sample workflow using the multi-step execution approach, I’m still having trouble configuring the body of the second post request so it will send an email once the workflow has finished.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious!

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