Send Reports via E-Mail


we currently use KNIME for several projects. For one of my current tasks i would like to automatically run a workflow, create a report and send the new report via E-Mail to several people.

Is this auto. E-Mail feature already included somewhere. A KNIME Server is also available if this would come in handy.

The KNIME Server and the KNIME WebPortal allows sending email notifications upon completion of a workflow execution. This email will also contain the the report in the format specified, i.e. PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, etc.


It seems that one needs to attach a report to the workflow in order to be able to retrieve the formats in the server workflow execution remote execution panel.  So far I have a data to report component in my workflow and I think I need to build report and in order to attach a report one needs to build one after the data to report component has been added.  Do I do this using BIRT or TeamSpace.  How do I go attaching a report to the workflow?





You need to use the KNIME Desktop, design the workflow and attach one or many Data or Image to Report nodes (which provides the data sources). Switch to the BIRT perspective by selecting the yellow chart button from the menu bar. Inside the BIRT perspective you can create and design your template using the data sources and discover the preview and export it. On the server this export options will then also be exposed.