send three variable attachments in a "Send Email" node

Hello there,

I’m trying to send an automatic email for some people using the “email node”, but
I’m stuck trying to list 3 or more variable attachments to send in the email.

If someone has done something like this before, please feel free to comment.

Hello @vitor_castro5,

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In order to send multiple attachments using flow variable you need to have flow variable of type array/collection. This is a older topic which explains it well and contains a workflow example but should be valid still:

Additionally, if possible, I recommend to save file(s) on a cloud/network drive/SharePoint and then in email instead of sending attachments send link to location where files are. This requires a bit of administration with access rights but it’s worth it if files are big or you are sending this to a lot of people or someone needs this files to kick off another process or they need to come back to these files on a regular basis or something fifth :slight_smile:


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Thank you very much for your response.

In regard to the variables, I was able to select and join them as below:

But when I try to put in the Send Email node it shows "Execute failed: Unable to file attachment “file:/C:/Users/…/Desktop/1/teste.xlsx,%20C:/Users/…/Desktop/2/teste2.xlsx”

I tried to put “file” in the beginning of each file, but still “Execute failed: Invalid attachment: file:/C:/Users/tzwxzz/Desktop/1/teste.xlsx, file:/C:/Users/tzwxzz/Desktop/2/teste2.xlsx”

Hello @vitor_castro5,

instead of Unique concatenate pick List as aggregation method in Column Aggregator node.



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