Send to Tableau Server Error

I have never been able to send a dataset to Tableau server and I have decided to try and resolve it. I have the URL for our internal Tableau server which I have put in the node. So far so good. I was not sure of the log-in (I would assume my account details) so I have tried the secret key from the server as well. When I try and connect to a project, I get the error: SSLHandshakeException invoking https://XXXX/api/3.6/auth/signin: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Do you think that is something I can resolve by inputting the correct information or is that an IT permission I would need to ask a system admin to unblock? Thanks in advance!

Most likely it will be an access issue requiring your IT. An internal hosted Tableau Server could have a lot of variability of access restrictions.

Thanks…there’s no way they will unblock that! :frowning:

Since it is an internal server the IT people should be able to figure out a workaround if it is something that just needs occasional scheduled updates. Maybe you could prep a tableau data file and transfer it to them for upload if they won’t adjust permissions to allow direct upload. There are certainly ways to allow upload permissions safely on the security side such as IP restrictions.

The idea was to allow others access to a Tableau server dashboard which gets updated whenever I run my Knime workflow. I would have had my regular output and a .hyper file which gets uploaded to the server at the same time.

So there is little point in adding an extra step and asking someone to do something when I could just manually do the same step myself.

Thanks though; at least I know it’s not something I am doing wrong!


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