Send to Tableau Server (Hyper) concurrency

Hello, I have about 9 “Send to Tableau Server (Hyper)” nodes that need to run across two different but relate workflows that need to be run sequentially. I am finding that some of these nodes do not execute on any given run. It seems random. Is there a problem with concurrency with these nodes and, if so, does anyone know of a workaround?

Many thanks,

Hi @beahyu -

Can you post the warning/error messages that arise when the Tableau node fails to execute?

You could force the nodes to execute sequentially by using flow variables connections, but without knowing anything else about the problem, I can’t tell if that would help.

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your reply. The error message is : “Execute failed: Hyper Server did not start correctly”. I am able to run the nodes after all of the others are finished executing so it’s not environmental. I will look into flow variable connections for sequential execution- thank you for the suggestion!