Send to Tableau Server (Hyper) works with Tableau Online only?

Hi all,

I am trying to publish directly to my Tableau server using the ‘Send to Tableau Server (Hyper)’. The node description doesn’t state any restrictions. However, the Tableau Integration Page
states “…send your data directly to Tableau Online from a KNIME workflow.”. Although it also indicates that most of the settings should apply on our own Tableau server.

The symptom I am experiencing is when I click the Browse button to get the list of projects on my Tableau server, nothing happens. No error messages.
My Tableau server is 2018.3.

I have been using the “Send to Tableau Server (TDE)” node for a while now. In that node, we can type in the Project but not in the Hyper version.

Could somebody please clarify if this node also supports our own Tableau servers? Or, why is it when i click the “Browse” button, nothing happens?

I checked knime.log and couldn’t find anything related to this Browse button not pulling the projects from tableau server.

Thank you.


Hello @adityatw17 -

Sorry for the trouble. The Tableau nodes definitely work with a local server, and not just Tableau Online. It’s interesting that you aren’t seeing any error message at all. Am I understanding that right - not even a server timeout message for the Send to Tableau Server (Hyper) node? And the TDE version is still working properly?

I’ll work with one of our developers to see if I can reproduce this. Can I ask what version of KNIME you are using, and on what OS? Any other relevant info you can think of would be helpful. This sounds like a tricky one.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Scott - that is correct. I don’t see any error on the console or knime.log. It is odd that when I click on ‘Browse’, nothing happens, not even a pop-up.

I am on Windows 10. The KNIME version is 3.7.1.
The Tableau Integration - Hyper Format is 3.7.0.v201811301603

The TDE node is still working fine.

Thank you.


Hi @adityatw17 -

Are you able to see any improvement if you change the backend associated with Tableau in the KNIME Preferences?

Hi Scott - that setting doesn’t work because Hyper wants the other package.

I find something interesting which may be useful for the rest of the community. I have 3 monitors - my laptop (monitor 1) and 2 other monitors (monitors 2 and 3).
When the laptop is on the docking station, my main monitor is Monitor number 2. So KNIME starts on Monitor number 2.
And then, I move KNIME to monitor 3 (larger monitor) and I work on my workflows there. This is when things get really interesting - when I bring KNIME back to monitor 2, I get the pop-up!! So it looks like the pop-up searches for the monitor where KNIME originates during the startup. If I am on monitor 3, the pop-up doesn’t know how to present itself, hence nothing shows up.

I can now see the popup and the list of Projects on my Tableau server. I personally like the UI for the TDE version where we can just type in the project name.

I hope this helps for those who use multiple monitors. Always bring KNIME back to the monitor where it started, and you should see the Projects list pop-up.



Very good - glad you found the solution!

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