Send to Tableau Server node fails when workflow executes on KNIME Server


I have a simple workflow that reads some data with the ‘Database Connector’ and then sends this data to the Tableau Server. The workflow executes successfully when run locally on the KNIME Analytics Platform and updates the data source on the Tableau server.


When the workflow runs on the KNIME Server, I am getting the below error:



Hi Kon,

That looks like an issue where the executor on the KNIME Server cannot trust the SSL certificate of the Tableau Server. Did you need to install an SSL certificate into the KNIME Analytics Platform on your local machine?



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Hi Jon,

Thanks for getting in touch

No, I didn’t have to install an SSL certificate on my local machine. It just worked.

Is there a guide on how to install the SSL certificate on the KNIME Server?



Just following up here with a message that I think you got from @jeffgullick-knime via our support system. But I think it’s relevant in case anyone else comes across the issue:
You’ll need to import the ssl cert into the Java keystore located with the executor JRE. Usually located in a directory like the one below. You’ll need to adjust for your server. This is off of one of my windows servers.


This link has a good description on the steps.

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