Send to Tableau Server on the Cloud

Hello, I have been using the Tableau server connector for over a year now and absolutely love it.  Recently though, we were told we are going to be moved to a cloud hosted version of Tableau (this is NOT Tableau Online).  When I log into our Tableau Cloud instance, I have to sign in twice, first to the hosting provider, then to the Tableau Server instance.  

I was testing the new version and I cannot upload a data extract to Tableau server hosted on the cloud.  I get a 401 error.

The link above says something to the effect of needing a different URL.  Does the Tableau KNIME module need additional changes (perhaps the proxy settings) or does the module not work with cloud-hosted Tableau sites?

I have also tried a variety of Logins and Proxy settings.  What's odd is that my user name as seen in Tableau server (when I go and click on My Account) is my email address, but when I connect in Tableau Desktop it sends me to a Single Sign On website where I give it a different account.

I spoke to my Admin and this is a non-KNIME problem.  Tabcmd and executable also are giving met he same error.  It's a cloud setting related to my pw that they have yet to configured.