Send to Tableu Server Node - Authentication Error

Hi everyone!

I’m having trouble using the “Send to Tableau Server” node. I’m certain that the server information and my credentials are correct because other colleagues in my company use this node with no trouble.

I fill the server host and site content URL, put my credentials username and password, and when I click on “Browse” to select the datasource, the following error appears:

“Connection Failed SSLHandshakeException invoking PKIX path building failed: unable to fin valid certification path”

I’ve seen other resolution here in the forum, which involves using the command prompt to include the server certificate into KNIME JRE folder, but unfortunately I don’t have administrator privileges, so it didn’t help me.

Any other idea would be really appreciated. Thank you!

Guys, a collegue at work found the solution, and it is simple as removing the ‘s’ letter from ‘https’ on the host name.
If anyone is having trouble with this I hope it helps too.

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