Sending an email with attachment (from Windows Server)


I am using a small KNIME server that reads and writes to a windows shared drive currently.
I can use the SMB nodes to read and write files to the windows shared drive no problem.
I have the SMTP set up so the Server will notify me when a workflow is finished and I can use the “Send Email” node to email me too.
When using the AP I can also use the “Send Email” node to attach the completed file and email it.

My need here is that when I use the “Send Email” node in the the Server I cannot create an adequate variable to allow the Send email node to find the file on the windows Server.

Currently my best hope to success is here:


I have a String to Path that allows me to control the CSV writer variable for the file path. That works fine.
Using that P variable I pass that to be that attchment variable location too

Execute failed: Unable to file attachment "file:/C: File name

How do I pass the file location to the Send Email node and let it know where the file is when the node does not have a file system connection port?



Hi @cbaddele

it is currently not supported to do this out of the box. What you need to do is write it into a temporary file and than reuse this path in the send email node.

I found an example here which is a starting point:


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