Sending Email with Attachments

Hi all,

I am quite newbie to Knime and mostly use it as ETL/Reporting tool.

I have created a few workflows that take care of all manipulation and produce the desire csv files.
I would now like to automate the distribution of these,so I wonder if there is any way I can attach the result of the workflow and send it by email.

I have seen there is and example in the server but unfortunately it is not of much help.

Any guidance appreciated!


HI @RobertoNieto!

In order to send results with email you can use Send Email node which has option for attachments. So just attach a csv you created in this node. If you are changing path or deleting output files you might want to control you attachment path with flow variable :wink:


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Hi @ipazin,

I’m trying to use a variable to control my attachment but I can’t seem to find where to put my variable “FilePath”. Can you tell me what variable control the attachment?

Thank you

Hi there @yoannleny,

You need to put it under attachedURLs part. In order for option to appear there you have to enter something in Attachments part. Then first attachment will correspond to number 0, second to number 1… See pictures.