Sending Error Description by Mail

Hy there,

i want to run knime with a batch file and if i get errors i want to get an email.

So if there are missing columns i dont run the workfow and send a mail - this is based an the table validator so if the “fault table” is active. when i have a look at the validation table i can see in the Description which columns are running the error, but how can i put this column into my email?

I tried with the variables but i dont know how many errors will be. So is there a way to put these column into an array and send the array in the mail?

So I know there is the Java Snippet node but I’m nut used to Java…

br Daniel


Hi Daniel,
if you are using the Send EMail node, flow variables are indeed the way to go. For creating one variable for all error texts, you can use a GroupBy without group columns and aggregate method “List” for the Description column. Once you have that, you can use the Column Expression node to concatenate the descriptions with the following expression:

"The following errors occurred: " + joinSep(", ", column("List(Description)"))

I hope this helps!


Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn,

yes the GroupBy Node was the missing part. I have resolved it in an other was so after the GroupBy node i have a String Manipulation Node where i replace “,” with “br” and after that i uses the Table Column to Variable Node and send the var by mail…

thanks and br

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As an alternative to making a list/array I’d suggest maybe using this node to convert the KNIME table to an HTML table which you can then use in the Send Email node.




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