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Hey guys,

I am a junior SEO and I am looking at trying to automate some of my Keyword Research. I watched a video by a guy called Paul Shapiro, who talks about how he uses Knime to automate his Keyword Research (pulling thousands of keywords from different sources, Google Suggest, Analytics, Moz API, etc).

I have the deck slides from his talk here: 

He says in the talk that it's super easy to setup, but I'm struggling to really understand how exactly how he does it. I was wondering if anyone could give me some general help.


Hello Birchinio,

What are you exactly struggling with?

FYI. Since KNIME Analytics Platform 3.2.1 the GET Resource node and the READ REST Representation node have been updated with new REST Web Services nodes, ie. GET Request, POST Request, PUT Request, DELETE Request.

If you need more info on Palladian and REST Web Services nodes here are some useful links:


Moreover, on the Examples Server (easy accessible directly from KNIME Analytics Platform) there are a number of workflow examples that show the use of the REST nodes and the Palladian nodes. For instance:

  • knime://EXAMPLES/_Old%20Examples%20(2015%20and%20before)/099_Community/10_Palladian
  • knime://EXAMPLES/01_Data_Access/05_REST_Web_Services

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Hi Vincenzo,


I'm trying to automate some research that I do for SEO. Essentially I want to be able to automatically generate a big list of keywords, then link them ti a couple of different API's and pull all the data into an excel. Will save me a lot of time!

Hey @Birchinio
So about 2 years ago I was in your spot, an SEO trying to leverage themselves.Tthe truthful-lie of Paul Shapiro’s is that it is easy to setup. Yes, if you know how to set it up, it is easy, if you don’t, there is a lot of learning to be done.

There are a ton of great tools here to be able to do whatever you need online.

I won’t give away the secret sauce but it is possible to build automated SEO audits, Keyword analysis lists, automated finding more keywords, ect. like he is saying. Don’t give up, you will get there!

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I know that this is a potentially very old post but I am doing currently the same.

Eventually, if there is still interest, I would prepare a small video tutorial series on this topic.

Some things that come immediately into mind are

  • Palladian (and Selenium) nodes by @qqilihq for keyword research
  • Google sheets connection for your report findings (if Google is your cup of tea)
  • several different API connections for getting backlink data (e. g. I work with Link Assistants SEO Powersuite, which you can more or less easy copy & paste to sheets / Excel)

Question: Is there still interest in this topic?


well at least for me sure. Video would be great and preferable over long text
best regards and take care

Hi @kowisoft
I vote YES PLEASE. Google is one of the largest ad/media platform yet I can’t find much info that uses KNIME. I’m interested in being able to categorize a list of search keywords and also being able to get search volume data from Keyword Planner. Google Search Console API data ETL is another one that would be very helpful.

I found interesting resources here.

Thank you so much in advance for your time and help!!!