Separate a JSON array and doing multiple POST Requests

Hello, so I’m quite new to KNIME Analytics Platform but right now i have a json file that has an array with multiple objects and i would like to loop through them and send post requests to an URL with each object. I’ve linked an example with the json structure if it helps, anyone knows how to solve this issue?
teste.json (990 Bytes)

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Hi @peepi2010 and welcome to the KNIME forum,

Use the JSON Path node to extract items. When you add each path, check the “List” option and then use the Ungroup node. Then you can do any type of manipulation on data to prepare your requests.

Here is an example using your sample file:
22844-1-1.knwf (25.9 KB)



Thank you very much for the help, i had seen a sugestion like that but i hadnt quite understood it yet, thanks alot.


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