Separate View Windows for open access to "Output Table" and "Configuration"

Having fully functional versions of these crucial tools available as windows / tab views would enable fluid and instant access to copy / paste values during configuration changes. This dramatically speeds up complex formula and filter construction.

The only current option to always see the output data is to use the “Node Monitor - Show Output Tables”, however this lacks the ability to filter / select / copy from the data.

Currently once “Configure” popup is open, a user cannot simply click elsewhere to copy and then paste a value since you are limited to interacting with the “Configure” popup until the changes are accepted and closed.

Enabling always open access to the Configuration and Output Table would simplify the UI and increase the speed of workflow construction, editing and review.

The Alteryx approach for concept illustration:

The Alteryx version of the “Output Table” is called the “Results” window. It is limited in the number of rows of data that it shows, but it provides similar interactivity to the “Output Table” in an always accessible window.

This image shows the sort / filter capabilities.

image 500x281

This image shows the select and copy capabilities.

I would also suggest an additional “Output Table” filter option that Alteryx doesn’t include as well… Providing an option for filtering unique values would allow for even easier access to all of the data value options for formula construction.

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Hi @iCFO

thank you for this very valuable feedback. This is something we definitely are already cooking. If you did have a chance to see our release data talks yesterday, there we did a small peak into this.


Nice! I was able to pull off most of the live stream and bounce a few questions off of the developers in Gather, but was periodically interrupted by phone calls… I must have missed a change to the Configure / Output Tables UI in the works. I did watch a limited UX preview of a browser version. I will go back and check it out. Thanks!

By the way. That was my first event on Gather and it was a pretty neat way to get to interact with the KNIME team. I enjoyed the process and was able to get several answers to tough questions.