Sequential or conditional configuration nodes in a component

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Is there someone who can help me with this issue, or give me some suggestions:

i’ve created a component, and i need to setup parameters inside this component in a friendly graphic window for a user, so i’m trying “configuration nodes”, and the setting window cames up with double click on the component (and it’s ok), but i need the following sequence, for example:

  • first configuration: set boolean input (0,1)
  • if boolean input =0 choosen (checkbox not selected), then show next configuration: multiple choise
  • if boolean input =1 choosen (checkbox selected), then show next configuration: string input
    before the whole component execution…

But for now, I can see that all configurations are showed at the same time withouth possibility to assign conditions or sequences…
I tried also “if switch” nodes ad similar, but it doesn’t change.

Any suggestion appreciated,

thank you!

Ps. compliments for Knime 4.1.0 !!


Hi @Ema,

Unfortunately dynamically adjusting the view for a component’s configuration dialog isn’t currently possible.
Components have been a focus lately though so we’ll see what the future brings.

I’ll add that this is something you can build out for a webportal view, in case you, or anyone else reading, has access to KNIME server.

Have a good weekend!


Thank you very much Corey for quick accurate answer, have a great weekend too!

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