Serialization and deserialization in my PortObject

Hi all,


I am developing some nodes about process mining.

I have to manage XLogs, so I created ProMLogPortObject to communicate between nodes that give to each other logs.

My problem is that when the log is passed to another node(connected by a branch) it seems like all the other nodes(not connected) receive the same log, instead of the one that should receive as input.Furthermore, in a workflow with some of this kind of nodes, only the last processed log is maintained, and the others "dissapear".

I think the problem can be in the serialization and deserialization of the log in the ProMLogPortObject, as I understood that everytime overwrites the same file, and then only this can be read.

Please I need some help.



I would assume each node makes it's own file unless you have hard coded a location?

Do you have a static object where you shouldn't? 

serialization and deserialization is very crucial thing. This problem can be solved easily. You should search it in google as soon as possible.

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