Server capacity planning


We need to perform capacity planning for servers (DEV, INT, PROD) with Knime
Several scenarios are possible as we are looking at alternatives to IBM C&DS with IBM SPSS Modeler main executor.
Do you know any methodology or have any spreadsheet we can use to try to figure-out the appropriate hardware.


Please send me your contact information so I can setup call with you. It will be great if we can understand your requirements (data amounts, environment, processing, etc) and provide some guidance.

You can email me directly at


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Hi Cynthia

I’m pretty sure you’re able to help as it’s your product.
And at the moment of approaching evaluating/purchasing the EE, someone on your team will be contacted.

But before going too far, I will only need a quick assessment tool, generic for your server.
Cannot give you now details, I would prefer to make the preliminary estimation myself.

Thank You

KNIME requires reasonably modern hardware running Linux, Windows or MacOS. The more cores the better but you can start with 4 cores and add as needed. Memory is also important. The more memory you have the less data has to be buffered to hard disk by KNIME. 16GB or RAM is a good place to start. However, if the amount of data will grow in the future more RAM is always better.
Disk Speed is important if the data will not fit into memory and is buffered to disk. RAID with fast disks makes sense here. SSDs are of course nice but not really a must have.

You can find the Serer Prerequisites listed on this site: