Server Email Notification on completion

Hi, Is it possible to auto set the email notification on completion button automatically on a workflow ?

Just making sure that I understand correctly. You’d want to have the ‘send email notification’ dialog set to some default e.g. ‘send on failure’ to ‘’ every time that a user chooses to execute a workflow via the ‘Execute’ dialog?

Hi Jon, Yes, that is correct

Thanks for confirming. That’s not currently possible, but it’s a nice feature request. I added it to our internal tracking.

and just a follow up thought. One possibility in the meantime would be to create a component, containing a Send Email node. Then add that component to every workflow.


Ok Thanks Jon, for a Component I think we need to upgrade to server version 4.9 right? Can a metanode do this? Also , what if I wanted to just have the “Mail notification on completion” permanently ticked / on with a default email address regardless of whether there is a fault or not … is that possible or am i asking the same thing?

Exactly - a wrapped metanode will do the same thing here as a component in 4.9. And your use case should be taken care of with the same ticket Jon created earlier :slight_smile:


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Hi all,
@jonfuller, could you please update the status of this feature request?

i’d like to receive notifications about all workflows that I was run but I don’t see settings for this but only at starting the workflow.

Hello Zavden,

This request – which I will note was from 2019, so we’re invoking a bit of thread necromancy, here – was added as SRV-2473, and it unfortunately did not make it into development. We are still considering adding this in the future.


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Hello @NDekay ,

thank you for your reply!

as for me, this feature does not seem to be heavy but rather useful, but I’m newbie in KNIME and can be wrong.

Anyway, I’m looking forward for this feature!