server.executor.max_lifetime on KNIME server 4.11

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I’m searching why our 4.11 knime linux server has been stopped after 1 day of execution for some unknown reason (no issue with Apache, no clues in logs and reboot without issue with
Value for com.knime.server.executor.max_lifetime parameter was not defined ; in old version default was 1d but in 4.10 server_update_guide we can see that this option was deactivated by default. Is it still deactivated for 4.11 ? Do you recommend the use of this option?

By the way, do you know if the executor is relaunched if this option is enabled, with an initial start of executor with (without systemctl service) ?


Hello Cyrille,
Are you still using the RMI executor mode or have you switched to the queue-based one with QPID or RabbitMQ? With the latter the max_lifetime parameter is not used anymore, as the server does not control the lifetime of the executor anymore. Previously, this was used for executor rotation, i.e. shutting the current executor down and starting a fresh one regularly. Now this feature is obsolete as we decoupled the server from the executor by means of a message broker. Did you have a look into your log files for the time when the error occurred?
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Hi Alexander,

I did not see anything special in logs but it looks like we don’t have no any disconnection now.
I’m using QPID so it’s good to know that this feature is obsolete, Thanks for your clarification !


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