Server Hub clarification

Hi there,

I have a client with a standard Medium server. At the moment they only use the server for automation, but want to use it for collaboration.

For people to use the Server Hub, do they have to be “collaborators” and added via the Server Admin?

Given the standard Medium 5 licences, will they have 15 collaborator accounts available to assign? (4x number of licences, but five of those accounts will be assigned to the licenced accounts)

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Hi @Vexatious_Outlier

Thank you for your message!

Could you please confirm that by Server Hub you mean KNIME WebPortal and by collaborators you mean consumers?

If that is the case, I can confirm that with a 5 users / 8 cores license of KNIME Server Medium, the limit of the number of consumers with access to analytical applications and services via the KNIME WebPortal corresponds to 20.

You can actually check the number of accounts being used as licensed users and consumers on the Admin Portal (via KNIME WebPortal).

An example is showed below:

Hope this helps!