server job is not able to access local input files during execution and fails

Hello team

i devloped this workflow on client ,
selected option - deploy on server
in workflow i have given some txt and csv files as input…
when i run workflow on server then also it runs fine cause i have given path of file…

but when i shedule workflow then it converts to job and fail because job cant find file or permission denied.

error -

File Reader 0:73 - WARNING: Can’t access ‘file:/root/knime-workspace/Es_local_datamart_daily_wrkf/demography_mart%2019may/Company_name_Final.csv’. (/root/knime-workspace/Es_local_datamart_daily_wrkf/demography_mart 19may/Company_name_Final.csv (Permission denied))

String Replace (Dictionary) 0:34 - WARNING: No file at “/root/knime-workspace/Es_local_datamart_daily_wrkf/demography_mart 19may/address.txt”

Hi Navinjadhav,

Probably the best solution is to add the files to the KNIME Server repository, and then use the knime:// protocol to access the files:

That makes sure that the correct permissions are respected, and that the files are accessible as expected.



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Thanks jonfuller

please look into screenshot -

this way path i am putting .

i am bit confused - i have given correct file and path.


it will be great if you can suggest rigth path –

Thanks team , i the got solution .

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