Server keeps loading, no executors visible (?)


I don’t know what has changed but suddenly I can no longer run basic example workflows on the Knime server, they just keep ‘loading’ and then die after a minute or so. I also noted that there no longer is executor information available under the Monitoring menu.

I have not consciously changed anything in the configuration, if anything there may have been a change of the default mount point by mistake when I inspected the server configuration from within Knime, but I am really not sure. If this is the case then this seems to be VERY prone to generating problems. I have restarted the Knime server but to no avail.

This is on Knime server 4.12

Any tips highly appreciated! Thx/Evert


does the executor start normally or do you get any error message when starting it after the server?
Do you see anything in the server or executor log?
At least on the first glance it sounds like the executor is not running :thinking:

Hi, it looks like the executor(s) are not running, but how do I restart these (and why did they stop?).

I restarted the server with the /opt/knime/server/apache-tomcat-9.0.39/bin/ script but this does not make a difference.

The thing is, the server and executor are running on the same machine, and I can start the Knime GUI just fine on this machine and run workflows interactively, so I am a bit at a loss…

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maybe the executor crashed - normally that should not happen (at least our executor runs fine for weeks without fail)
Maybe the server itself was restartet without a service to autostart the executor - i think most likely you could find the reason in the executor log (but i would just wait if the problem happens again)

After you startet the server navigate to the folder of your executor on the server

there you can find the start script for the executor :slight_smile:

Check if the executor starts without errors and if it appears/runs in the webportal.

If there are errors in the startup check the messages, should the executor start but not work in the webportal - then check the server and executor log for details

If everything looks fine run the exexutor as a nohup or as a service (linux)

Maybe the knime colleagues can also help you directly (they are really helpful for these kind of issues in my experience) :slight_smile:


I see @AnotherFraudUser gave already lots of good piece of advice. Ideally you will have both executor and server installed as a service – if so, you can easily restart the server with

systemctl restart knime-server

and you can restart the executor with

systemctl restart knime-executor

if you are running on linux. If you are running on windows, you can just use the services view to restart them (the Apache Tomcat service and the KNIME Executor service).

To find out better why your executor has stopped running, I will reach you via out support account for the logs.

Best wishes

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