server-managed setup for server and client and available update sites


we are trying to setup knime for enterprise users
Step 1 [Server-managed Customization Profiles]: it works but if the user installs Knime he has to activate in the preferenes the check-box “enable Server-managed Customization Profiles” , check the server and check “base”. Should’t happen automatically with the knime.ini setup (knime.ini in attachment)

Step 2 setup “available software site”: I’d like to disable the default and to put only one URI so that update and extensions could be installed only from the enterprise-network. I saw in the documentation it is possible. I put the command


into the base.epf preferences (see in attachment) but it doesn’t work. Default is still active and I don’t see my URI.

Where is my error ?

Thank you, (1.7 KB)


Step 1: seems to be correct.

Step 2: the provided URI doesn’t seem to be a valid one.
Now the question is, if you want to point to a local file that is available for each KNIME Analytics Platform (e.g. it’s on a shared drive). In that case the easiest way to get the valid URL is to fire up KNIME Analytics Platform, add the update site via the preference dialog and copy the whole URI including it’s protocol (e.g. jar:/<path-to-jar>). If the update resides on the server, you have to make it publicly available s.t. you can access it via http(s) or ftp and provide the valid URI to it.