server space connection

Hi Community ,
I need help how should I connect to the server space of knime. And video and documentation of knime is too old (3years) and the whole configuration window is totally different.

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Hi zank, welcome to the community!

Please add some more details on what you are trying to achieve exactly. Do you have a KNIME Server installed and you are trying to connect with the KNIME Analytics Platform?

Also, please point me to the outdated documentation and videos so that we can check and update them.

Thank you and best regards,

Yaa sure Attila,
this is that video link

And this window is showing us on our personal laptop…

Thank you, zank. Do you have a KNIME Server installed already?

extension for sever space?

Hi zank,

apologize for the late reply. Please let me know if you still have issues with setting up a connection with a KNIME Server.

Best regards,

I meet the same error, can not find solution how to fix it.

Hi Kevin,

Do you currently have KNIME Server installed. Is it in the cloud or local? Please let us know a little more information about your environment so that we can assist you.