Server upgrade from 4.12.2 to 4.14.1

Hi Team,
We are currently running KNIME server 4.12.2 and Executor 4.3.2. My concern is : Can we upgrade straight away to version 4.14.1 for the server and 4.5.1 for the executor ?


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Hello Paty,

Yes, you can upgrade directly to the latest version.

Follow the steps in the Upgrade Guide [1]; note that you will need to ensure you have upgraded your server host to use Java 11 instead of Java 8, if you have not done so already. If you’re on 4.12.2 you should have Apache Tomcat already, so you can follow the guide and replace the knime-tomcat.jar file and the knime.war file. You will then need to download the latest executor [2] and update that separately.

If you have additional questions or concerns about the upgrade process for your environment, please contact us at for further assistance.


[1] KNIME Server Release Notes and Update Guide
[2] KNIME Server Release Notes and Update Guide


Hi Paty,

a side note: if you’re installing Java 11, there are a few entries you may need to change to point KNIME to the new Java version. These replies may help you there: Problem when upgrading to 4.14.0 - #7 by marvin.kickuth

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Thank you so much for your inputs

Thank you @marvin.kickuth . I appreciate your response.

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