Set an individual row order / Sort after Month Name

Hello everyone,

I have a Table (Excel Reader) with two columns. One Column is “Month” and the other one “User Count”. I want the table to set the order for the months: January, February, …
Which node do i have to use to set my row order as mentioned?
Additional Note: I dont want the Months to be written as numbers. I would like to keep the Month name.

My table looks like this:

Month User Count
April 100
July 110
June 90
May 100
August 115

Thanks for your help!

Hi @laura_groeger,

I would create a reference table with the table creator, where you create one column with Month_Name and one with Month_Number, so
January 01
February 02

Then use the joiner node to join it to your excel table (so you have the numbers there)

Finally use the sorter node to sort by month_number:

Maybe the string to date node can also cast just the months name to date :confused: But I think this should be an easy solution


Hi @laura_groeger,

you can check this topic as well:


Hi @laura_groeger,
As @ipazin said see the thread.
Also as @izaychik63 said that is the best way. It really worked for me.

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